Other Transportation

Non-emergency transportation can take on many different faces. While many of us are familiar with the ambulance and maybe even the helicopter, there are other forms this transportation can take. For instance, there are a variety of different vans that are equipped and all set up for medical transport. These vans can handle wheel chairs, gurneys, and a variety of breathing and intravenous needs.

The patient can also use a minibus to get the transportation that they need. These vehicles can typically handle more than one patient, and are good on gas as well as having sufficient room for medical equipment. Medical taxis are also used in some larger cities. These can be from a standard, public taxi service,or something set up by a hospital or doctor’s office.

One may also find facilities that provide transportation for their patients. This can be through the use of a van or minibus, but also through the use of company owned cars. This is to make sure that all of the patient’s medical needs met, not just the ones that can be facilitated by the facility that they are in.

Medical transportation is important in making sure that the delivery of medical services get to the people that need it most. Many would otherwise go without medical attention because they simply do not have a way to get to it.

Medical attention is important to ensure that the best quality of life can be obtained no matter what the patient’s age or affliction.

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