About the Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance
The Air Ambulance aircraft is known as AMR. This ambulance is fully equipped to meet the medical needs of each rider. A trained medical crew is available to assist a rider with the following:

Basic Life Support

this is also known as BLS. this is an uncomplicated air ambulance transport. This is for a rider in need of a minimal external life support. This is a rider who can receive medical monitoring for their medical flight. This will increase confidence with travel.

Have you heard about the Long Distance Ambulance?

ambulance The long distance ambulance is medical transportation for those must travel and have their medical issues to contend with. The long distance ambulance will provide a rider with the following:

  • clinical medical care
  • care with compassion added
  • needed medical equipment
  • personal attention for the ride
  • medically trained professionals
  • a comfortable and clean ride

Every rider can trust they will be in good hands for their travel experience. Their medical needs will be known and addressed. This is a comfortable and safe choice for many.

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