Non-Emergency Transportation

This form of transportation is one that provides rides for patients when no imminent emergency exists. The individuals that use this type of transportation typically have some form of medical care that is needed. The individual must be medically stable and able to be moved from one place to another.

The goal with this type of transportation is to get the patient from one place to another all the while having available medical support close at hand. The vehicles that perform these services typically are equipped with a wide variety of medical machines and equip to assure that the patient gets to their destination safely.

The patients are usually transported by the way of a gurney or a wheelchair. One will also find a nurse or emergency medical technician coming along for the ride in order to monitor the patient and keep them safe. Sometimes the hospital or home that the patient is in or lives near can provide these services, or one may choose to go with a private transportation service.

The individual can also be transported using a variety of different types of vehicles. These can include such vehicles as:


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